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Write into the Wild



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Do you LOVE animals? Do you want to learn more about where they live and why?

We want to explore the world and find out about all the different types of wildlife and where they live. Will you come on the adventure? We will be heading deep into the jungle or down under the sea to discover all the indigenous creatures and their habitats! Your job as an explorer is to write and report what you find…

In this programme, we will be expanding the children’s understanding of how to write. We will be going right back to basics, looking at letter formation and how to hold a pencil correctly. From here we will look at developing their understanding of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and language features. Each week will have a specific learning outcome that will lead to the children understanding basic writing skills and promote a thirst for vocabulary. We will be using exercises to strengthen their hand muscles and weekly problem solving that will improve cognitive development. Each task will have visual, auditory and kinaesthetic resources to appeal to all types of learners.

Learning outcomes

  • To improve handwriting.

  • To present writing clearly using the correct letter sizing.

  • To learn how to form proper sentences.

  • To learn the different word types such as nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives.

  • To use punctuation in writing.

  • To use comparative and superlative adjectives.

  • To learn about different habitats wildlife.

    This programme is aimed at all children aged 5- 8 and the objectives will be specific depending on their abilities.


2 hours per week for 8 weeks in Term 2.

Target Age

5 - 8 year olds.