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Happy Students, Happy Parents


Quotes from our parents:

“I don’t think there are any words that can truely describe how grateful we are. He has not only improved academically but also in confidence, thanks to the safe and encouraging learning space”

— Brainery Parent

Our two boys attend The Academy Programmes and have for a few terms now and they absolutely love it, I highly recommend all of the programmes on offer. The project-based learning approach engages the children in an exciting and interesting learning process. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity for children in the area and hope that many more can make the most of this incredible resource. The teachers are incredible, so enthusiastic and really understand the children's individual learning needs due to their passion and the small class sizes. Thank you so much Academy Team for all you do for our family!!

— Academy and Brainery Parent to all staff


Our son started with Academy this term and is absolutely loving it. After his first session he started signing himself up for further sessions and is now doing 1.5 days a week during school time while continuing with his Maths and English with Kip's after school programme as well. He finishes each session absolutely buzzing with everything he has achieved and learned. The small group environment is fantastic and he loves being in a learning environment where he is not constantly distracted by others, which he struggles with at school. I can't recommend the programmes being delivered highly enough. They spark so much interest from the kids that it not only motivates them during the sessions, but it continues over to other pursuits outside the classroom. The real life applications, fun and interesting projects, hands on approach and the focused environment suits our son down to the ground and he'll definitely be continuing.

— Academy and Kip Parent

"Sheena immediately bonded with our daughter and has been a wonderfully positive influence. Sheena is firm but fair, and continually challenges our daughter to perform her best. Our daughter has responded to Sheena exceedingly well and looks forward to her tutoring lessons every week."

— Parent


…and from the children:

“You get to actually build stuff”
“I like meeting new people and it’s easier to make friends in a small group”
“Brainery has hugely improved my knowledge in maths”
“I like that we can get creative!”
“This is the first time I’ve been the best at something at school”
“We get to do experiments ourselves instead of just watching”
“The teachers are really fair and I like the behaviour rewards”