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Survivors - Animal Adaptations




Do you love animals?   Fancy yourself as a zoologist, evolutionary biologist or animal scientist?  Do you know if animals can survive when their climate and habitat changes?  How long do adaptations take?  What is animal evolution?

In this programme, we will use biological science skills to ask questions, find evidence, explore simple models and carry out investigations to develop explanations.

We will discover how living things are suited to their particular habitat and how they respond to environmental changes, both natural and human-induced.

Students will have the opportunity to follow their own interests in producing an adapted animal model.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand adaptation is a mutation or genetic change, that helps a plant or animal survive in its environment

  • Realise that adaptations are a natural occurrence that happen in response to changes in the environment

  • Know that behavioural changes are the way the organism reacts

  • Know that structural changes relate to external physical appearance

  • Know that physiological changes relate to internal body systems

  • Discover that some adaptations may succeed or fail



3 hours per week for 8 weeks in Term 4

Target Age

9 -13  year olds