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Small Hands on Maths - Measurement



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Have you ever wished maths could be more fun?

Or that it would slow down a little so you could keep up?

Come along to discover how much fun active maths can be and help promote problem solving in numeracy.

Programme develops for those who have attended previously.

In this programme, we will be developing mental agility through a range of teaching approaches.  Using concrete materials, small groups of children will be taught different strategies to solve mathematical problems.  

Explore key curriculum content through a more creative means which encourages the children to think outside the box.

The focus for this term is measurement, seeing the students develop confidence using and converting appropriate units for length, height, temperature, mass, volume and capacity, time and money.

Each week the children will be encouraged to share and discuss the strategy they used, allowing them to learn from others and become more independent learners. They will also be encouraged to self-check to see if they solved a problem correctly or work out why they got it wrong.  Children will develop the confidence to take risks, ask questions and explore alternative solutions without the fear of being wrong.

Learning outcomes

  • To recognise and use centimetres and metres for measuring length.

  • To use a ruler properly.

  • To be able to measure length, width and height and know the difference.

  • To estimate time and length - in real world experiences.

  • To identify numbers before and after - to aid measuring.

  • To experience that our measurement system is based around tens.

  • To use kitchen resources for weighing and finding volume.

  • Begin telling the time and using amounts of time for practical activities.

  • Know about purpose of measurement.


2 hours per week for 8 weeks in Term 4

Target Age

5-8 year olds