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Prepped, Planned, Prepared - readiness for High School



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Academics: essay writing, literature analysis, visual-text analysis, debating, touch-typing, information literacy, presentations, communication skills, speeches, number, algebra and statistics. 


Organisation: time management, computer filing, timetables. Gcal, Google Classroom, diaries and note taking, setting reminders, homework systems, managing grades, tracking, care of uniform,To Do lists etc. 


Social and Emotional: friendship choices, negotiating conflict, collaboration, managing student-teacher mismatch, self-advocating, self-regulating emotions, recognising limitations, self and ethical choices.

Learning outcomes

  • Read aloud and make speeches/presentations with appropriate expression and confidence

  • Use format to create a ‘compare and contrast’ literature essay

  • Launch poetry toolkit for analysis

  • Build vocabulary for analyzing literature

  • Learn to touch type and practise regularly

  • Use and apply number skills, revise algebra strategies

  • Understand that transitions lead to new experiences and learning

  • Be better organised through acquisition of new skills


5 hours per week for 8 weeks in Term 4

Target Age

12 - 13 year olds


9-12:30pm on Tuesdays OR Fridays