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Mad Inventors




“Make Do & Mend” or a “Throwaway Society”? Disassemble a broken appliance, analyse the components, research production & raw materials.  What makes products sustainable? Mad Inventors design/remodel/build!

In this programme, children will be asked to bring in a broken appliance and take it to pieces using a range of common tools. We will analyse the components, find out what raw materials they are made from, whether the parts are sustainable, their origins and production.

We will be comparing the “make do and mend” philosophy of former generations with today’s “throwaway society”. What has happened to No. 8 wire and Kiwi Ingenuity? Is it alive and well?

This programme gives children a chance to develop imaginative answers and lots of hands on design technology.  Broken appliances, can be imaginatively repurposed, remodelled, redesigned and assembled.  You might end up with a toaster that plucks chickens – but that’s the power of Einstein’s famous quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Learning outcomes

  • Through a variety of creative and practical activities, children will build the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in a process of designing and making.

  • Use research and develop design criteria to inform the design of innovative, functional, appealing products that are fit for purpose, aimed at particular individuals or groups.

  • Make components by selecting from and use a wider range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks [for example, cutting, shaping, joining and finishing]

  • Evaluate their appliance by investigating and analysing a range of existing products

  • Understand how key events and individuals in design and technology have helped shape the world


1 hour per week for 8 weeks

Target Age

9 - 13 year olds


This programme is part of Creative Tuesdays and runs from 2-3pm weekly.