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Write into History




Building historical knowledge and developing writing skills on how ancient civilisations lived. Bringing history & inquiry alive through writing with fascinating artefacts, books & e-learning.

 In this programme we will discover the hidden secrets of Ancient Egypt/Greece/Rome, the Aztecs or the Vikings through fascinating books, stories, hands-on artefacts, videos, websites and articles. We will learn about the history of the pyramids, gladiators, temples, tombs, invasions and raids, mummification, rituals, gods and religion, food and drink, fashion, music and entertainment, building techniques, pharaohs, slaves, the hierarchy of society, inventions, gender diversity and of course read and write in in ancient symbols and runes. There is even an opportunity to email an expert and send your questions to an Egyptologist and research librarian in a London museum.


Learning outcomes

  • Identify range of resources and use appropriately to uncover facts and stories of Ancient Civilisations

  • Compare and contrast various resources to fathom fact from myth

  • Develop awareness of how ancient civilisations impact on modern life

  • Build vocabulary of historical terminology and key words and concepts

  • Plan personal research project, improve research skills, organize evidence, write and present to group

  • Draft and write emails/letters to experts. Learn to structure writing effectively.

  • Improve handwriting, vocabulary, spelling and grammar



2 hours per week for 8 weeks

Target Age

8-10 year olds