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Maths and Money Matters




Become informed, thoughtful and creative with money matters.

In this programme we will study the psychology of money; earning, saving, spending and investing money in a way that is relevant to the students' lives.

We will ask some big questions, research and debate answers.  What is the value of money? How much pocket money is enough, why and should you do anything for it?  We will touch on entrepreneurial skills and aspire to become more thoughtful and conscious consumers while beginning to develop our own earning and/or saving strategies.  

As we do this, we will develop and practise mathematical skills grounded in the context of money.


Learning outcomes

  • Think critically and consciously about our own and society's use of money

  • Develop individual strategies for saving and/or earning money

  • Estimate and round appropriately to solve money related problems

  • Find, increase and decrease by fractions and percentages of an amount

  • Calculate gross and net earnings (calculating and deducting tax and expenses)

  • Use a variety of strategies to solve money related problem

  • Work collaboratively to solve problems

  • Develop active listening skills and ask appropriate questions

  • Clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas


2 hours per week for 6 weeks

Target Age

9 - 13 year olds


This programme is part of Science and Maths Thursdays and runs from 1-3pm each week.