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Dragons' Den Junior (part of Maths and Money Matters) 




Do you have what it takes to persuade a ‘dragon’ that your product or service will be successful?  Come along and join our young entrepreneurs and discover if you would be hired or fired!

In this programme, we will use numeracy and enterprise skills to create, market and sell a product or service.  We will use our design, research and computer skills to produce a logo and name for a product.  The children will then be introduced to the different departments within a company.

They will have the opportunity to invent and pitch a product/service to create and sell.  Each child will be allocated a budget and will have to ensure that they can purchase the necessary resources required to make their product/service. Based on the cost to manufacture the product/service, the children will look at the issue of pricing.

They will then project a predicted profit. Children will look at how they are going to package and market their product/service and what tactics may be needed to increase sales.


Learning outcomes

  • Further develop knowledge of money and financial literacy.

  • Learn about the values and ethical principles of money.

  • Develop problem solving and creative thinking skills when creating a product/service and managing a budget.

  • Connect prior learning of calculating money, percentages and fractions to work out profit and costs.

  • Develop financial decision making skills such as risk versus reward.

  • Learn to work effectively as part of a team and manage a team.

  • Further develop money skills to become conscious consumers.

  • Develop lifelong learning skills needed to manage money.


2 hours per week for 9 weeks in Term 2

Target Age

9 - 13 year olds


This programme is part of Science and Maths Thursdays and runs from 1-3pm each week.