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Murderous Macbeth




Building advanced literacy and analytical writing skills through the dramatization of modern plays, based on Shakespeare’s themes and characters. Children read, analyse, re-craft, edit and present.

In this programme we will read and analyse the story and simplified script of Macbeth from the illustrated Shakespeare Collection and watch Shakespeare Animated Tales.   Books available to rent for $10 per term.

We will learn some key words, phrases, poetry and prose created by Shakespeare and still in use in modern English today. We will analyse the themes in relation to the modern world.

We will develop creative writing skills, learn how to structure play-scripts and embed traditional language into modern scripts.

We will share and re-craft scripts, edit and combine our ideas and present a piece of Masterpiece Readers’ Theatre to an audience.


Learning outcomes

  • Read aloud with appropriate expression of the chosen characters

  • Compare and contrast text and animation

  • Identify and analyse themes in literature and life

  • Build vocabulary for analyzing literature

  • Build knowledge of the origin of words and phrases

  • Use and apply traditions of play writing to own structures

  • Understand and create using the full writing process from planning to presenting

  • Perform a piece of Readers’ Theatre, acting, articulating, expressing and critiquing


3 hours per week for 8 weeks in Term 3

Target Age

9 - 13 year olds


This programme is part of Creative Tuesdays and runs from 9-12:30pm weekly.