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Jump into Geometry




Are all those shapes and angles giving you anxiety?

At Jump into Geometry you’ll learn to develop your maths skills and some essential rules to find unknown areas, angles and dimensions.

Fun learning through activities, games, puzzles, videos and hands-on activities.

Over the 8 weeks we will be unpacking the skills needed to really understand and enjoy geometry. We’ll examine how geometry can be useful for practical problem solving and enhance understanding of rules and symbols to represent unknown dimensions.

There will be many opportunities to ask questions, to think creatively about 2D shapes, 3D shapes, circles and arcs, quadrants and how these help build houses, carpet floor areas and pack containers!

Learning outcomes

  • Practical challenges

  • Understand how letters (<ABC) represent unknowns

  • Work with geometry rules

  • Express missing amounts, angles and areas

  • Work with two and three dimensions

  • Develop confidence to jump into geometry!


2 hours per week for 8 weeks in Term 3

Target Age

9 -13  year olds