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Daytime creative learning projects to extend and inspire your child


The Academy was established in January 2018 to provide a range of exciting and stimulating educational experiences for children of all ages.  We are the hub for academic and creative excellence in out-of-school provision in the Wakatipu basin.








Our Services

The Academy provides a range of exciting and stimulating educational experiences for children of various ages.  For example:

  • Children who would benefit from small-group education.

  • Children who are gifted or talented and whose capability needs to be stretched beyond the curriculum.

  • Children with particular needs.

  • Children whose home-schooling is not providing a sufficiently comprehensive or social educational experience.

Small-Group Classes

The combination of experienced teachers and small-group teaching provides an immersive educational environment enabling children to make rapid progress. 

Our inspiring range of programmes are customised to the child, taught at a pace that stretches them, maintaining their interest and motivation.   

Plus, we make learning super-fun!  

Inspiring Programmes

The Academy is not governed by a set curriculum.  So we can respond to your child's needs, creating new programmes across a diverse range of subjects.  The programmes shown here are based on current demand and on topics that we believe are valuable and which will generate interest, inspire, motivate and which require the children to use a wide range of complimentary skills. 


Children think outside the box.  We're doing the same!


Emma Wilson, Director Kip McGrath and Sheena Ashford-Tait, Director The Academy