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Fully French




Come and have fun learning French with a native speaker who is passionate about teaching her language and telling you about her country.

You don't need to know anything, just bring your enthusiasm and you will be surprised how fast you learn vocabulary and high frequency sentences!

We will learn high frequency vocabulary and sentences in a fun environment, with the visual support of the teacher's gestures to help with memorising. We will focus on speaking skills and also start writing in French.

The other aspect of the course introduces French culture to children, with its famous monuments in Paris, the amazing Châteaux of the Loire Valley, French food and songs. We will prepare basic recipes, all of this while speaking exclusively in French.

Learning outcomes

  • Pronounce accurately high frequency vocabulary with the authentic accent from a native speaker

  • Be able to contrast English and French, see the similarities and learn how to guess meaning in context

  • Know basic cultural facts about France and French speaking countries like Canada and New Caledonia

  • Develop a taste for language learning to broaden the mind

  • Sing French songs and eat French food


2 hours per week for 8 weeks in Term 4

Target Age

7+  year olds