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Full STEAM Ahead! 

Using Design Technology for pop-up puppetry



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Imagine… a world of innovative, communicative, collaborative and thoughtful problem-solvers.

Using a range of STEAM projects chosen for our Academy students, the children will:

Research, design, learn about the properties of materials and how to test them, construct, adapt and evaluate to solve problems. Having learnt a range of techniques, the children will identify personal topics of interest for their own research and puppet projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Research, design, make and test Globally inspired pop-up puppets

  • Design and create a series of photo-boards for National Costumes

  • Use Food Tech skills to make food from different cultures

  • Investigate materials and fabrics used in clothing

  • Design, create and make clothing for puppets

  • Recycle materials from previous projects

  • Study greetings in a variety of languages and use them in puppet script

  • Use a range of fastenings

  • Work safely with tools

  • Meet people in the community from different countries, cultures and religions


2 hours per week for 8 weeks in Term 2

Target Age

8 -13  year olds


Thursdays 1 - 3pm