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Fun with Forces:

The Science of Simple Machines




Can you combine fulcrums, pivots, pulleys, inclined planes, wheels, axles, screws and wedges to create the ultimate complex machine?

Join the Funky Physicists to examine and investigate a range of simple machines and learn how to harness the forces they create to make your own complex human powered machine.

In this programme, we will use Science and Technology skills to investigate long levers, power of pulleys, strength of screws, widths of wedges, angles of inclined planes and wonderful wheels and axles. We will begin by learning to ask scientific questions, to hypothesise, handle equipment and structure and write up investigations.  Students will have the opportunity to follow their own interests in combining simple machine components.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand that scientific work = force x distance

  • Simple machine + simple machine = compound/complex machine

  • Work collaboratively to solve problems and prove hypothesises

  • Observe, measure and record physical characteristics of materials

  • Explore ways in which scientists collaborate and support their ideas with evidence

  • Build on prior results and experience, thereby developing team knowledge

  • Use a range of scientific symbols, conventions and vocabulary

  • Develop active listening skills and ask appropriate questions

  • Clearly communicate thoughts and ideas


3 hours per week for 8 weeks in Term 3

Target Age

9 - 13  year olds


Thursdays 9 - 12.30pm