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Private Peaceful



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Innocence and love, courage and cowardice.

Follow the story of two brothers, both soldiers in World War One, from childhood to adulthood.

Who will survive the horrors of war?

Who will love and who will lose?

Build analytical reading and writing skills through an in-depth novel study of an award-winning wartime story.

The children will read, discuss, watch WW1 documentaries and the Private Peaceful movie, role-play, analyse and write.

The issues of family, relationships, courage and honour are as relevant today as they were a hundred years ago.

Learning outcomes

  • Read and examine chapters of the story

  • Rewrite a narrative as a newspaper article

  • Write an anti-war campaign speech

  • Transform narrative into playscript

  • Compare childhood and adulthood loyalty

  • Examine imagery in a gas attack classic poem

  • Produce an objective report

  • Watch the Private Peaceful movie

  • Plan and write an analytical essay on the theme “Bravery in Private Peaceful contrasting with Cowardice”

Students will need their own copy of “Private Peaceful” by Michael Murpurgo and be prepared to read some chapters at home. They will also need their own laptop.

Warning: the subject matter contains themes for older children


3 hours per week for 8 weeks

Target Age

10-16 year olds