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Programme Summary


There is no ceiling on what we can offer at The Academy.     At present, we’re offering the following topics but perhaps your children have a passion and they’re bursting to learn more about it.     Please let us know!    


In this programme, we will use physics skills to examine water and air pressure: hydraulics and pneumatics. Undertaking a range of investigations using new physics resources, the students will also write up their work and use videos to learn new concepts. We will identify and describe the distinctive properties of liquids and air to control pressure.

“Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble…”

“Out damned spot! Out, I say!”

“Something wicked this way comes…”

Building advanced literacy and analytical writing skills through the dramatization of modern plays, based on Shakespeare’s themes and characters. Children read, analyse, re-craft, edit and present.

Using a range of STEAM projects chosen for our Academy students, the children will: Research, design, learn about the properties of materials and how to test them, construct, adapt and evaluate to solve real life problems. Having learnt a range of techniques, the children will identify personal topics of interest for their own monster projects.

In this programme, we will be further developing mental agility through a range of teaching approaches.  Using concrete materials, small groups of children will be taught different strategies to solve mathematical problems.   Children will be taught the five strands in teaching number – number word sequences, numerals, number structures, addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.   Programme suitable for new and returning students.

Over the 8 weeks we will be unpacking the skills needed to really understand and enjoy geometry. We’ll examine how geometry can be useful for practical problem solving and enhance understanding of rules and symbols to represent unknown dimensions.

We will learn high frequency vocabulary and sentences in a fun environment, with the visual support of the teacher's gestures to help with memorising. We will focus on speaking skills and also start writing in French. The other aspect of the course introduces French culture to children. 

Building Blocks for Building Buddies is a social development programme which helps children with autism spectrum disorders and related social communication difficulties or other impulsive behaviours or social communication issues .

This course has a very specific structure, tailored to the particular needs of students.  Programme runs on request.

Do you have an inquisitive child whose vocabulary is mainly made us of ‘who, what, where, why and how’? We are flying into the solar system this term discovering the different planets, moons, stars, constellations and much more.

With a very hands on focus, we will have a different interactive experience each week and learn how to make or create something new.



There are many ways in which we write; for instruction, description, work, play and in everyday life. This programme is designed to go back to basics – HOW to write. In this tremendously technological age, the art of writing is being lost. This programme will provide children with the skills to manually write and to develop their vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation by engaging them with a common and popular interest…space!

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Building historical knowledge and developing writing skills on how ancient civilisations lived. Bringing history & inquiry alive through writing with fascinating artefacts, books & e-learning.

In this programme we will discover the hidden secrets of Ancient Egypt/Greece/Rome, the Aztecs or the Vikings through easy to access books, stories, hands-on artefacts, videos, websites and articles.

Academy Brainery

If your child is home-schooled, travels a lot, is here for the season, has missed school due to injury or sickness, or would generally benefit from some smaller personalised group work, please join The Academy Brainery. Our 'think outside the box' course is designed specifically to each individual's learning needs and learning styles. With a mix of Maths and English for different age groups, three mornings per week, and inspired by the curriculum, there is something for everyone. It's a very flexible course with the ability to do any number of sessions.

For more information, please contact us.

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And our future ideas include:

Readiness for High School / Asian Cultures / Languages   /  Landscape Design  /    Photography  /  Music theory  /  Samba drumming  /  Girls’ Talk (self-esteem, health and safety)  / Philosophy for Young Teens  /  Journalism  /   Robotics and Coding  /  Art History  /  Mental Warriors (strategic games)   /     Computer Literacy  /  Adult Ed and U3A courses...