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Full STEAM Ahead! 

Using Design Technology for problem solving



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Imagine… a world of innovative, communicative, collaborative and thoughtful problem-solvers.

Through learning to solve a range of tasks involving Biological science, Chemical science, Earth and Space science, Physical science and technology our imagineers will steam ahead. A structured programme will teach skills but let imaginations fly.

 Using a range of STEAM projects chosen for our Academy students, the children will:

Research, design, learn about the properties of materials and how to test them, construct, adapt and evaluate to solve real life problems. Having learnt a range of techniques, the children will identify personal topics of interest for their own research and passion projects.

Learning Outcomes


Some projects may be completed in one session – whilst others may take two or three sessions

  • Research, design, make and test sleeping masks

  • Design and create a series of memes for NZ animals

  • Use Food Tech skills to make a chocolate fondue

  • Investigate torches, lasers and mirrors and their effect on ‘stain-glass’ windows

  • Design, create and make shoes for animals

  • Recycle materials to make a gravity weight tracker

  • Study predators and prey and design a board game about the Life Cycle

  • Make a home for a hermit crab/tortoise/turtle with a broken shell

  • Research body temperature and create a safe, working thermometer

  • Make your own fidget spinner from recycled materials

  • Make a pirate ship which sails and test it in the lake

  • Recycle paper to create paper-pulp and create a treasure map


2 hours per week for 8 weeks in Term 1

Target Age

8 -13  year olds


Tuesdays 1 - 3pm