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Global Citizenship




Learn how to be socially and culturally appropriate in a global society. Delve into how values, beliefs, customs and traditions drive the socialisation of society. The right manners to meet anyone!

We will build on the globally recognised Virtues Programme and discover what values are important to 21st Century New Zealanders. We will investigate customs, manners, values and beliefs which allow people to be socially appropriate global citizens.

Meeting people from different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities is becoming common place in the Queenstown area.   Are our children ready to embrace the chance to develop understanding of global differences but more importantly similarities, to make friendships and connections?

This programme will give insight into traditions and values from around the world, whilst embracing virtues that are valued by all cultures as content of our character.

Learning outcomes

  • Investigate experience and understand 52 key virtues including: assertiveness, commitment, cooperation, determination, flexibility, idealism, integrity, peacefulness, self-discipline, tact, tolerance and unity.

  • Build strength in working in small groups, pairs or individually to tackle being sociable and socially appropriate.

  • Investigate how to approach people in different roles in the community to communicate successfully.

  • Be able to have confidence to express opinions and beliefs within a sharing circle.

  • Reflect on own values and behaviour and how these impact social and learning situations.

  • Compare and contrast cultural differences and similarities and how these affect human relationships and understanding.


1 hour  per week for 8 weeks

Target Age

9 - 13 year olds


This programme is part of Creative Tuesdays and runs from 11-12:30 each week